As an independent contractor, I enjoy being part of a passionate team in whatever position that team may need.




Client Services 


Blending my varied experience working as a commercial and long-form video line producer and as an agency producer I bring a wide variety of cross–disciplinary production experience: live action commercials, branded content, documentary, testimonial, long-form video, broadcast, network promo, DRTV, Photo.

Experienced logistics and supervision: From pitch, budgeting, pre-production, building timelines, casting, locations, contract negotiation, crew, sourcing & construction, production and post – edit, color, graphics and efx, CGI, music, and voice - through display.

As an Executive Producer, VP Production and Head of Production for commercial production, video, broadcast and long-form video, I‘ve balanced the needs of multiple client, creative, and production teams on simultaneous projects to successful conclusion, process analysis and execution enhancement.

Experienced navigating the team dynamics of passionate talented people and guiding clients through the process from concept through post and review. Knowledgable on business operations, negotiations, long-form scripting process, revenue sharing.

While my main focus has been production I have enjoyed developing and maintaining long-term client relationships. I have years of experience supporting account team’s client communication from the production positions and as a key client contact while working in client services and as a managing partner.

Experienced at helping teams to analyze client challenges, set goals, and maintain the application of strategic thinking through the creative process. I’ve learned how to listen, understand and anticipate client needs while developing relationships and managing client expectations.